Evco Sound has a Washington State approved apprentice program. This is a full time paid apprenticeship program dedicated to provide a well-rounded training experience and an opportunity for a lifelong career. 

The Evco Sound and Electronics Low Voltage Technician Apprentice program consists of 6,000 hours of on the job training(OJT) and 144 hours per year of related supplemental instruction. Regular wage progression is earned with satisfactory progress through the apprenticeship. 

Minimum Qualifications:


Age:                  Applicant shall be at least 18 years of age


Education:        Attained a High School Diploma certified                                        High School Equivalency, and/or technical                                      electrical Associates Degree

Physical:          Be physically capable or performing the work of                              this trade, with or without a reasonable                                            accommodation, and without posing a direct                                  threat to the health and safety of individuals or                                others. 

*All interested applicants shall fill out forms provided by us which are available to pick up in person at our main office building. Monday through Thursday excluding holidays


Current Projects

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