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Start Using the App Today!

DMP now offers the Virtual Keypad™ providing Apple® iPhone and iPad owners as well as Android users with the ability to access a number of security system keypad functions remotely via cellular connection.


For more information, check out our Mobile Platforms spec sheet and the Virtual Keypad App brochure.


The Virtual Keypad App, like most Apps, is downloaded and configured in a matter of seconds. For both residential and commercial system owners, the attractive interface provides fast, easy access to the most-commonly used system functions.


– At a glance, check system status including programmed areas
– Arm or disarm the system in an instant
– Select from the Home/Sleep/Away arming options for home systems
– Select from the All/Perimeter arming options for office systems
– Select from Area Arming Options
– Tap any programmed outputs to turn them on or off
– Select locks, thermostats, lights to adjust remotely
– Select up to six cameras to remotely view images live, record video clips or have clips emailed


The Wireless Advantage

Two-way supervised wireless technology from DMP provides unparalleled flexibility and ease of installation, with outstanding protection and simple operation.  Two-way technology means shorter delays in device communication, as well as longer battery life. With 900 MHz frequency-hopping spread-spectrum technology, you are ensured of a clear and accurate signal without interference in practically any environment.


Freed from the need to run wires to sensors and other devices, installers have total flexibility to locate sensors where they will provide maximum protection. Because there are no holes to drill or wires to pull, installations are fast and clean, and sensors can later be easily relocated.


If wireless is the right answer then DMP is the right choice, with devices that offer:

– Built-in testing with survey LEDs to quickly confirm device communication
– Simple programming for fast, one-man setup
– Superior range and power for harsh RF environments
– Seamless integration with DMP panels, via either built-in or add-on wireless receivers



DMP Introduces Entré Access & Security Management Software

Offers graphical interface with single-point monitoring of multiple systems

Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) has expanded its software portfolio with the introduction of Entré Access & Security Management Software. Entré users can take total control of multiple security systems within a facility, across a campus installation, or at facilities spread across the country with an unlimited number of doors, users and DMP XR500 series panels. Simplifying the system manager’s task is Entré’s easy-to-use graphical user interface.


“Security product providers constantly seek a balance between products that are more technically advanced while at the same time simpler to operate,” said Vice President of Sales, Jeff McAleer. “Entré perfectly strikes that balance. It is an incredibly sophisticated application that offers an array of advanced features. By enabling users to integrate many systems under one software package with at-a-glance management and point and click control, system operation and access control have never been easier.”


Entré is well-suited to banks, retailers, schools and other organizations that monitor multiple locations and/or systems. Entré makes it possible to combine their access control and security systems under one common platform, with total system monitoring and management through an intuitive graphical interface. As a network system, it enables monitoring and access control of facilities wherever they are located from anywhere the operator has an internet connection. System managers and monitors have fast, simple point-and-click control over every aspect of their access control and security system.


Operators can monitor system status in one of a variety of views, customized to their preference. Drop-down lists for devices, user data and other information facilitate fast searches and simple control. Full reporting includes at-a-glance dashboard graphics and charts or traditional tabular displays, with the ability to produce reports in a variety of file types.


Entré is available in three levels, with options to accommodate relatively small installations up to large systems that encompass unlimited panels, doors, and users.  Optional modules allow operators to customize and scale their system as needed, connect to a DVR, design badges, capture signatures and much more.